Senior Interview Questionnaire

Seniors:  You will meet with your counselor on Sept 23, 24,25, or 26.  At that time, please complete your senior survey.  If you are unable to attend the meeting with your counselor, still complete the senior survey.  Thank you.

Western Arrow

The Western Arrow is our information-packed bi-monthly newsletter for Parents and Students. Keep up on upcoming events and important deadlines and information by viewing/downloading The Arrow! Print it out and put it on the fridge with a nice magnet.


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Download this file (DayCare_Transportation Form 2017-18.pdf)Transportation form 178 kB
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Download this file (March 2019.pdf)March 2019March 20191074 kB
Download this file (Oct-Nov 18.pdf)Oct-Nov 18.pdf 2030 kB
Download this file (Registration Flyer 2018.pdf)Registration Flyer 2018.pdf 335 kB
Download this file (WHS UG Envelope 2018.pdf)Picture PacketPicture Packet1666 kB