Co-Op Program

Cooperative Occupational Training (Co-op) is an integral part of the total secondary school program, which recognizes the value of supervised work as a learning experience. It is called Cooperative Education because an employer and a school join together for a business educational partnership.

Cooperative occupational training is vocational education with the on-the-job phase acting as a laboratory for the in-school instructional program.

co-opThe cooperative plan to prepare students for employment is an organizational pattern in which regularly scheduled part-time (usually half-days) on-the-job employment is coordinated with the job-related classroom instruction by a qualified instructor. The student is given the opportunity to practice and learn in the classroom while developing worker competencies through training on the job. Instruction is given in school, which is directly supplemental to the job and is correlated closely with the kind and sequence of job experiences. All of this activity is directed toward preparing students to work in their chosen career.

The Co-op experience:

  • Student needs to work an average of 10 hours a week or more
  • Student is paid minimum wage:
  • Employer may pay Training wage of $4.25 hour for 1st 90 days,
  • After training wage, student is paid 85% of $7.40 until 18 years old, then $7.40 an hour
  • Business needs Workers Compensation and Liability Insurances
  • Student needs to be supervised at work.
  • Work experience is worth 2 blocks of school credit for student
  • Work experience needs to be within the Career Pathway of the student

Bay City Public schools usually has over 100 co-ops a year working at various businesses in the tri city area; and this has been a wonderful experience for everyone.

Check out what the Co-Op Program can do for you! Browse these documents for more information:

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For more information, please contact the Mr. Clements in the Co-Op office.